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We are a plumbing family. Gerald “Jay” Rusnell worked his way from an Apprentice through Journeyman to Master Plumber while working for Mel Hohlenkamp Plumbing through Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 190 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Mel was like a father to Jay and offered to sell his business to Jay but Jay wanted to start his own company so he started Jay’s Plumbing Company in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Jay believed in a strong education so his son Chris Rusnell learned his craft from Jay, starting at the age of 12, working through his Apprenticeship, Journeyman and Master Plumber Levels while completing high school and later earning a B.S. in Biology with a Chemistry Minor. He used his degree to work in various biomedical positions until ethically he could no longer stomach Big Pharma’s mission, at which time Chris decided to go back to his “plumbing roots”.  Chris had 35 Michigan winters behind him and made the decision to make a move to Sunny Arizona to work in the plumbing trade and brought his Michigan quality workmanship to the Phoenix Valley. Upon his arrival in the Valley, Chris took a job with a plumbing company where his extensive knowledge quickly promoted him to foreman and superintendent. In 2000, realizing his skill set, Chris decided to test the waters and start his own plumbing company and Pipe Doctor Plumbing was born.

During this time Chris’ son Christopher started to tag along with his dad to job sites and he got the same hard work and tough training that Jay originally gave to Chris. He became better and better at understanding the various parts of construction and plumbing and really had a great natural mechanical ability that helped him excel at many aspects of plumbing and construction. Chris had the same belief in education that Jay had imparted to him and felt that Christopher should go on to college.  So, like his dad, Christopher went on to earn a degree in Fire Sciences all while working for Pipe Doctor Plumbing as well as a major plumbing  wholesaler in the Valley.  Christopher first worked in the warehouse and then for a kitchen and bath showroom appliance installation team. He soon became the foreman of the installation division until the department was closed due to the Great Recession.  Christopher then joined Pipe Doctor Plumbing full time. Christopher has become the Go-To Man at the company and through his professionalism and plumbing expertise has helped Az’s Best Pipe Doctor Plumbing become the business  it is today.

Wendy Rusnell was brought on as a consultant by Chris after a devastating personal situation caused him to have to evaluate his company’s business plan. Wendy had been successfully managing a custom home construction business in Utah prior to consulting for Pipe Doctor Plumbing.  With her help Chris realized that in order for he and Christopher to continue in the plumbing legacy started by Jay, that a positive business change had to be made. Chris and Christopher’s commitment to their customers gave Wendy the idea to start her own company with Chris and Christopher as the talent and recipe for success (after all, they are the BEST Plumbers in the Valley!).  Chris and Christopher’s reputation for honesty and quality makes them AZ’s Best Pipe Doctor Plumbing! Chris and Christopher had achieved the Angie’s List Contractor of the Year Award for 2012 and 2013 and Wendy wanted to make that happen for a third consecutive year and did! She formed AZ’s Best Pipe Doctor Plumbing, LLC, hired the Father and Son team that made Pipe Doctor Plumbing so well respected and brought Arizona AZ’s Best Pipe Doctor Plumbing!

AZ’s Best Pipe Doctor Plumbing is “Your Prescription for Quality!”



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