Aqua Doctor “Salt Free” SRS Water Treatment

Nader, in reality, was little more than a side-show

The Aqua Doctor is a green alternative to a traditional water “softener” as it does not require salt, electricity or backwashing.  The Aqua Doctor works by using carbon pre-filtration to remove Chlorine and other contaminants from the water and then passes this filtered water through Filtersorb SP3 media which acts as a catalyst, transforming calcium and magnesium into nano particles which make their way through your plumbing system without attaching to your pipes, fixtures, valves or heating elements, extending their life span. In addition to preventing new scale from forming, the Aqua Doctor will also remove up to 80% of existing scale from pipes, with this initial de-scaling process taking from 30 to 90 days depending on the condition of your pipes at the time of installation. The different configurations shown above show the customization to the customers home size and water source conditions. Aqua Doctor is a virtually maintenance free system, in the first five years of ownership the standard system requires only a radial carbon block filter change once a year.

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